Introducing EV Energi

Global demand for EV charging is increasing year on year. As an eMobility service provider, we are developing the [to be named] network powered by 100% renewable energy.
Our network of fast and rapid charging locations, developed with national retail chains and large property owners, will provide a convenient service for electric vehicle drivers and commercial fleet operators.

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The future of energy

The economic landscape, developments in technology, evolving business models and consumer behaviour are changing at an unprecedented rate, creating more opportunities than ever for our industry.

Property Owners/Estate Managers

Are you looking to increase footfall and dwell time while supporting eMobility? We will provide a rental income and install EV Energi charge points at no cost to you.

Councils and Local Authorities

We are looking to work with councils with suitable sites for EV charging hubs and a strategic commitment to supporting clean energy transportation within their area.

Property Owners/Estate Managers

We will work with you and your fleet management organisation to optimize your transition to a low emission fleet to develop a strategy to meet your charging requirements.

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