We are entering a new world of energy.

The expected growth of low carbon and decentralised power production means the way in which electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems are designed, managed and operated are inevitably changing.

There is an energy revolution occurring driven by the desire to utilise more sustainable, clean and socially acceptable forms of energy.

BOX Energi is at the forefront of a new age in energy specialising in the development of sustainable energy and related infrastructure projects internationally.

The company offers energy solutions that are scalable, efficient and cost effective.

Solar Power

Battery Storage

Electric vehicle
charging points

Combined heat &
power (CHP)

The future of energy

The economic landscape, developments in technology, evolving business models and consumer behaviour are changing at an unprecedented rate, creating more opportunities than ever for our industry.

Three mega-trends are shaping the future energy system.

Key to BOX Energi’s strategy is towards the implementation of Digitised smart grids and the integration of smaller scale Decentralised and Decarbonised energy generation and storage projects, local to the point of use.

Flexible Solutions for a New World

Only the flexible, astute market players like BOX Energi will provide the solutions needed for the new
world of energy.

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